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The Beginning

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

I was born into small dog rescue. 

Caesar - 8 weeks old

My mom came into rescue as a white fluffy pregnant poodle. My dad was a terrier. I ended up with 2 siblings that really didn't look anything like me and apparently I was the "unique one" who got to go home with a new human family when I was 8 weeks old! Hooray for being unique! But more about my new home later.

Rescue was ok, I can't complain. I spent my days rolling around a bunch of other fur balls of different shapes and sizes, some were my siblings, some were friends. Sometimes we would sleep piled up against and on top of each other and that felt awesome! They slept a lot. Sometimes I would sleep, but usually I would just relax and watch everything going on around me. We ate, ran, and tumbled. Life was good there. There were a lot of humans around all the time. They would pick me up often and suddenly the floor seems so far away! They cuddled me and they smelled interesting, so I put up with being picked up. I could sniff them better when in their arms. I did like the humans, but I didn't trust them right away. I didn't really like the being upside down part when they held me, I liked to at least be able to see the ground. I was always facing the sky in their arms and then I would feel a little un-stable. I couldn't really do anything about it other than tucking my tail to protect my tender underbelly. But at least I could get close to them this way.

Humans were very interesting although I could never really quite put my paw on why. They all smelled so different than my suite mates. They even smelled really different from each other. Some had a flowery smell, some a smokey smell, and some even, well, I don't know exactly how to describe it, but they almost smelled a little like sticky! I have always been curious about them. They are so different than I am. They show their teeth when they are happy for one thing. How strange is that! They use their fingers to nip my neck instead of their teeth like my mom would. And they make a ton of noise through their throats! They are very complicated! Humans are odd, yet I feel strangely compelled to them. They seem to exist in a totally different world than I do.  If even just one of them entered the room, they seemed to just fill it up. There is something big about these humans, and I don't mean just their size.  It's like they know all the secrets to the universe. I want to be with them. You see, I have big plans for my life, and I have this feeling deep in my fur, that these humans just may hold the key to all my adventures! And I like adventures!

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