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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

If you are like me your dog's diagnosis of DM came as quite the shock. In my case, with my dog being only 7 years old, I wasn't even in the "senior" mindset, let alone a disabling one. After my pity party was over, I knew I needed to get into whatever control of this situation I could command.

Learning everything I can about something allows me a feeling of control. It gives me choices. Even a choice to not participate in any new behavior can be the best choice when made thoughtfully. Give yourself that time. I started my online research, but I feared time, the very thing a progressive disease does not afford one. The very first baby step I took was actually allowing myself not to get into a panic about the time I was "loosing" by researching, and allow myself the realization that doing research was in fact "doing" something, and my choice. It may not have been "hands on" choice I wanted (as what I really wanted was to lay my hands on Trakker and magically will him back to health) but overall, I decided that the time dedicated now toward research may hopefully pay off in the big time picture. I am a big believer that things usually do not happen by way of one factor, but rather a combination of elements. My second choice was to spend some amount of time, every day, to learn something new to add to my arsenol.

Since waiting two weeks for the DNA report to come back was just adding stress to my days, and since Trakker's MRI was normal, I didn't see the harm in beginning Physical Therapy (PT) with him, and after checking with his doctor, I got that green light. I learned soon thereafter that he tested affected, but at least I had 2 PT treatments in by then, and that made me feel as if I was on the right side of time.

I also began cooking the Clemmens diet for him. Here time has been a BIG challenge. I'll get back when I have more tips to make this an easier chore but for those who are interested to learn about it, here is the link: You may want to read this warm up link first:

I will be posting more about these topics and more as I learn.

All in all, even in the face of a challenging situation, there are choices one can make, even if that choice is to not act. Everyone's circumstances are different, and when the situation is somewhat impossible, there can be no wrong choice to make. It is about what works best for you, your dog and your lives. The most valuable choices are those that bring balance, peace, and quality time with your dog, because in years to come, that is what survives.

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