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Spinal Tap = Bad Hair Day

The Boss

The spinal tap went ok. A little tough as the doctor couldn't get through on the lumbar area and had to go in through the back of the neck. Have neurologist sending his "clear" MRI to see what is in that area that caused so much resistance. Want my primary vet to review actual CD not jus the neurology report. Results of tap in a few days.

The test itself isn't usually more than 15 minutes. They gave him a slight sedative, then anesthetized him (with use of breathing tube). His in house recovery was about 3 hours. Since he was not on anesthesia too long, he shook off the whole event like nothing happened. Came home, ate and drank like a pig, chased his brother and took his rightful place on the couch! He honestly couldn't have cared less about any of it.

Oh yes, he has a new haircut. My fierce German Shepherd is now sporting a French Poodle cut. No bueno. Thankfully he isn't much for looking at himself in the mirror.

Scroll for pictures if you are curious of what one looks like after a canine spinal tap.... warning..... a bit on the graphic side.

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